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We are so confident you will be impressed with our Gold Essence product because you will feel the difference instantly in your skin.  It will feel tighter. If you do not like it, or you disagree no questions asked. We will refund you on the sample size. 

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How Gold Essence Came To The US

Cici Care is based in Sydney, Australia, and has been in business for over 20 years. Cici Care North America LLC is the exclusive importer and distributor for Cici Care in North America.  How it came to be involves an unexpected rain on the Gold Coast of Australia. In 2020, a couple celebrating a 40th birthday stumbled across a product that was so mystical yet well-presented that it could not be ignored. Many tourists, when traveling to a new destination, will have the list of must-have souvenirs. The couple, an internal medicine doctor and a digital marketing agency owner, decided to do some shopping during the rain and found a store that had everything on the wife’s list. Remember: she is a doctor so is very structured and methodical. Little kangaroos for the kids (stuffed animals, not real ones), boomerangs for the staff, kangaroo jerky, and the quintessential Aussie item, Vegemite. There was even a special all-natural ointment, made of pawpaw fruit, purposed for healing wounds. There was one unexpected thing, though. “Sheep Placenta cream.”

The term anti-aging generally piques interest. There is so much on the market one never really knows, but the curiosity got the best of the couple.  So what is this stuff? Does it work? Why does it cost so much? Do people use this? Is it safe? The husband loved seeing his wife get excited and, being it was her birthday, they bought some.  

The husband went straight to Google when they got back to their Airbnb.  There are easy ways to see if people search online for certain words; he was astonished to find up to 10,000 searches for keywords related to these products a month. The shop keeper also sold the product for $125 less than anything he could find online. Moreover, he thought he overpaid but realized it was a great price. This curiosity turned into an opportunity.  

The next day with the continued overcast skies on the Gold Coast, the husband sent his wife to enjoy a spa treatment while he went back to see if there was a chance to learn more about this unique product. He had successfully helped brands sell online, and the shop owner did not even have a website.  The husband talked more with the owner of the shop to get a better understanding of the market and demand in Australia. He learned the rich history of sheep placenta and how it has been used for hundreds of years in the Asian culture. He learned about the different ingredients and percentages used in the products and why it works.  There were other brands that tried to emulate this line of products, but Cici Care was the best, as they spent the most time and money to develop the top-of-the-line anti-aging sheep placenta-based product. Casually, the husband said to the shop owner he would easily be able to help him sell online and potentially look at importing to the USA to introduce this amazing product to millions of people in the West.

The feedback on the product we doled out to family and friends was everything they already knew. “Amazing.”  “How did you get this?”  “Do you need investors?” “ My skin feels smoother after I put it on.”  The husband aggressively did due diligence to make this tourist’s discovery an actual reality. That is how Cici North America LLC was born.

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If you would like to set up a wholesale account we would love to have you.  You must have an EIN number as well as a retail location. We work with Medical Spa, Doctor’s, Boutique Shops. 

Why Choose cici care

We know the importance of using skincare products that incorporate the highest quality of ingredients in their formulas. It is our passion at Cici Care to create the most effective and natural skincare by combining the latest biotechnology and natural ingredients to harness its maximum potency.

With just a few applications you’ll begin to feel the tightening of the skin. Get ready for a glowing youthful appearance.

Australia's #1 Brand for Lanolin and Sheep Placenta Products

Cici Care revolutionized anti-aging skincare in Australia with its use of 24K Gold, Bird’s Nest, and Sheep Placenta. 

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Within a few days you’ll begin to feel the tightening of the skin. After a few short weeks of continuous use, you’ll see fine lines and wrinkles disappear. 

Zero Animal Testing

Absolutely none of our products are tested on animals ever.