Imagine going on vacation to Australia with the notion you will be bringing home the typical souvenirs:  boomerangs, Vegemite, and a possible didgeridoo (because they are so cool!).  Would you ever imagine adding Gold Essence sheep’s placenta to that list?  Well, that’s exactly what a couple from Fort Worth, Texas did.

While on vacation on the Gold Coast of Australia in early 2020, a husband, owner of a Marketing Agency, and wife, internal medicine physician, celebrating a 40th birthday came across an extraordinary product while out shopping.  The product, Cici Care, looked like liquid gold glimmering in its bottle.  The beautiful packaging for the bottle displayed words that perplexed the couple:  Bio-placenta, Bird’s Nest, and 24K Gold.  The wife was so intrigued by the beauty of the product and the claim of anti-aging that they bought a bottle.

Upon returning to their Airbnb, the husband began researching similar products. Neither of them had ever heard about sheep placenta being used for anti-aging. The luxurious serum he had just purchased for his wife was priced well below competitors.  This sparked a curiosity that led to opportunity.

The next day, while the wife was at the spa, the husband returned to the boutique to speak with the owner and find out more about this product.  The husband, having extensive experience in brand management, struck up a conversation with the shop owner learning the history and success of sheep’s placenta (and other ingredients) in combating the aging process of the skin.  The husband was so enthralled with what he heard that he offered to expand Cici Care to North America.  The owner thought it was a great idea and put the husband in contact with the manufacture in Sydney.  Cici Care North America was born.

Cici Care North America currently offers the two products:  the Advanced Repair Gold Essence (for daily use) and the Pure Placenta Repair Serum (a 4-week treatment) used annually. Cici Care North America is so confident in their products they offer a money-back guarantee.  Cici Care North America is distributing the products to medical spas and boutiques across the county and offers online purchase options as well.