Lymphatic Drainage Palm Harbor

Lymphatic Drainage Palm Harbor

Flawless Lipo Laser Spa is a top-rated clinic for lymphatic drainage in Palm Harbor with advanced treatments and therapies. We create customized treatment plans and aim to improve our clients' comfort during and after the procedure.

What Is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Lymphatic massage is a specialized medical massage that helps treat lymphedema. Lymphedema describes a condition where lymphatic fluid collects in specific areas of your body as it cannot drain away effectively.

Lymphatic massage can improve the flow of lymph fluid and reduce swelling. Lymphatic massage therapists massage an area in your body without swelling, making space for the fluid to flow from the more congested areas.

How Can A Lymphatic Drainage Massage Help?

Lymphatic drainage massage helps relieve the swelling that occurs with medical treatment or illness that blocks your lymphatic system. This advanced procedure involves gentle manipulation of specific areas in your body to move lymph to an area with working lymph vessels. 

It can help remove excess fat accumulated in specific parts of your body. Individuals under age 60 can benefit from lymphatic drainage massages.

Our Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

Our lymphatic drainage treatment begins with an evaluation of your affected area. Our staff will take measurements of the treatment area before moving on to the first step, ultrasound cavitation. In the first stage, we break down the fat using advanced technology that uses sound waves. Following this, we use lipo laser paddles to trigger a chemical signal in the fat cells to break down stored triglycerides. Once the triglycerides break down into fatty acids and glycerol, they get released through the membrane. 

The final stage is vacuum therapy. It stimulates specific muscles and breaks down cellulite and fatty deposit, removing toxins through lymphatic drainage. Lymphatic drainage can take a couple of inches off your body within minutes. We apply a nourishing grapeseed oil to the treated area after the procedure to provide you with a therapeutic healing experience. As one of the top lymphatic massage clinics, we ensure that our clients leave our facility with fewer inches. The procedure can take anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes; a great opportunity to catch a short nap or listen to a podcast.

Benefits Of Our Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

Lymphatic drainage treatment is a non-invasive therapy that helps combat and reduce cellulite. This treatment helps mobilize toxins and fat cells accumulated under the skin and eliminates them through the lymphatic system. Some of the main benefits of Vacuum Therapy include:

- It helps increase collagen and elastin production 

- It improves the skin’s appearance

- It aids in molding the body 

- It helps eliminate fat

- Lymphatic drainage massage helps fight cellulite and improves tissue oxygenation

- It is non-invasive, making it one of the pain-free yet effective fat loss treatments

- Lymphatic drainage acupuncture does not leave any scars and requires zero downtime. You will return to work the same day.

Your search for the best lymphatic massage doctors ends here. Please call 727-304-4186 to sign up for lymphatic drainage in Palm Harbor with Flawless Lipo Laser Spa. We offer advanced skin treatments and body contouring procedures at budget-friendly prices. Our doctors use non-invasive laser treatments and body contouring techniques that involve minimal or zero downtime, helping you achieve breathtaking results in no time.

Lymphatic Drainage Palm Harbor
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