Contract Packaging

Contract Packaging

Count on Top Contract Filling in California

One of the biggest challenges for companies is how to successfully place their products on the shelves. It's not just about successful packaging design and standing out from your customers, but everything involved in the process of packaging and arranging your products.

Quality packaging that puts you at the forefront can also mean significant investments in filling, stacking, and packaging lines. That is why an excellent alternative is to have contract packaging companies. You must know how contract filing works, and where to find the ideal alternative for your brand.

How Does Contract Filling Work?

What Does it Consist of?

Contract packaging & filling service consists of completely outsourcing your supply chain, allowing you to concentrate on your production. Then, outsourcing takes care of the rest of the process to get your product to your consumers. This includes the conceptualization, design, and production of the packaging in the first place.

Also, the outsourcing company will have its packaging lines for the filling and packaging of your product, according to its characteristics. Finally, the contractor will distribute the goods directly to the market. This modality allows another contracting company to take care of everything regarding the supply chain of your company's SKUs. This includes the purchase, production, disposition, and storage of everything necessary for the correct packaging of your merchandise.

What is the Process Like?

A top contract packaging agreement starts with a thorough analysis of the customer's requirements. From the point of view of the products, the contractor must analyze the characteristics of the products. This will allow them to identify the different technical particularities to be adjusted in their packaging lines. In this way, they will be able to treat the products "with respect", i.e., handling them in a way that maintains their characteristics and quality.

On the marketing side, the customer and the supplier must determine the creative features that the different containers and packaging of the goods should have. There are a variety of packaging options, depending on the type of product. Also, they must define what the promise of value will be, so that creatives can make a design that makes a difference.

Finally, other relevant aspects must be taken into account, such as fulfillment before the different entities that apply, like the FDA or the State of California Department of Health Services Food and Drug Branch, for example. Other logistical and distribution details must also be fine-tuned, so that the SKU's reach your end buyers safely, efficiently, and with a world-class appearance.

Are You a Candidate for Co-Packing?

To know if the procurement contract package option is the best alternative for your company, you should analyze your cost structure. If you can afford to invest in the machinery, labor, training, and supplies to do the packaging in-house, then this option is not for you. Otherwise, outsourcing your filling and packaging will be the most reliable, professional, fast, and economical way to get your products to market and stand out among your target markets.

Trust Consolidated Strategy Group

If you want to leave the packaging process of your goods to the best, you are in the right place. For over 40 years, Consolidated Strategy Group has excelled in the California region in providing outsourced packaging services, making us the leaders in the region. Let the true experts put your SKU's at the forefront of the market. Call or contact us to discuss your custom packaging needs.

Contract Packaging
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Contract Packaging
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